Draai de volumeknop van jouw missie volledig open met een astroloog in je binnenzak

De nummer 1 business astroloog van Nederland


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“With the monthly themes I know exactly what to expect”

“After my One-Day Retreat with Patricia I was bursting with energy and clear direction. I had so many “aha” moments and conformation for my plans. I now know exactly when to plan in more rest and also when it is a good time to launch, because my energy will be higher and planets are aligned with my goals. I also got some super excited predictions for my personal life.

Patricia made me feel seen and understood in ways I have never experienced. She is my go-to woman for sage advise. I love how she combines the intuitive and makes it practical. My advice, trust your gut and book a One-Day Retreat. It will blow your mind.”

Wendy van Hardeveld

With your cosmic blueprint in your backpocket, and the planets in your corner, you crank up the volume on your life’s mission.


I provide coaches and service providers like you with practical and detailed guides so you know exactly what to do when, when you’re most creative or when to rest.

Make a bigger impact, have more freedom and create more abundance by working more efficient and effective

Running a business, a family and have time for yourself during a global pandemic is challenging!


If you are a coach or service provider, and want to have more free time while doubling your business. You’re in the right place!


I help women like you become leaders in their industry with ease. Hustling and grinding is not required. Flow, effortless and efficiency are the name of the game!


It’s time to shift your perspective and allow yourself to have fun while building your legacy. Success in all areas of your life is just around the corner. Better yet, it’s already inside of you, ready to be uncovered! 


“Her insights were so on point”

Lana Shlafer 

Thanks so much! It was great to start my morning with you, I was left feeling energized, uplifted and ready to tackle the day (usually I’m tired and it takes me a while to get going). Excited to continue on this journey with you’re container and support

Anna de Acosta 

Attract your dream clients with ease


by knowing exactly who you’re serving and how!

Learning more about myself gave me the confidence to show up in my own work as open and honest

I can say that astrology has so much more to offer us. It wasn’t only about charts and signs. I was able to feel comfortable enough to share some visions I received during one special visualization on a very special Full Moon circle. I will always remember the impact that had on me. I was able to be in a place to not only experience on my own but to be able to share it immediately afterwards was amazing.  This literally showed me the way in holding space in my group work. You gave me a big gift by holding the space for me

Susan de Vriend

I help coaches and service providers like you to have more joy and ease in your business.


I’m an entrepreneur, mother, astrologer and adventure seeker committed to helping you gain more free time to spend on the things you love.

Before I applied astrology in my business I was near a burnout, doing all the things and not finding pleasure in any of them. It wasn’t until I started applying astrology in a practical and easy way in my business and life, that I fully embodied my mission and purpose.

I combined years of astrology studies, coaching, self development and what I’ve learned from all my previous entrepreneurial clients into a personalized strategy for your business AND your life.

Look, I know the last thing you need is another complicated method or structure to implement. I promise you, this strategy is so customized to how you think, work, love and show up, it’s simply an extension of you!

I can now see the path to trust myself as I’m starting to understand all sides of my personality

I love how you emphasized the aspects and gave me the background info but left space for them to unfold. You placed the missing pieces in the right spots, made the connections and I see things falling into place.
My heart is so full ♥️

Rahel K. 

It changed the way I show up for myself

“It’s liberating to say the least that I can finally listen to my inner guidance with 100% attention. It’s a wonderful shift. It opened up new perspectives and an entirely new way to connect to the world around me. It feels like a baby step for humanity but a big leap for me.”

Zsuzsa Szolnoki


Your cosmic blueprint is all you need!

One-Day Retreat

Astrology as a Strategy done in a day

You walk away with:
  • Crystal clear overview of the next 12 months
  • Knowing what type of support you need to ask for or call in
  • Understanding how much more is possible when you fully live your destiny

Over are the days of being caught of guard by challenging weeks because now you know exactly when it’s happening AND how to nagivate that with ease. 


  • Questionnaire to draw out your desires and vision
  • Strategy calendar (opportunity periods/launch dates/rest and reflect)
  • Map out your strategy in one day
  • Practical tools to access deeper layer of yourself
  • 30 days Voxer access to me

Stellarpreneur Package

Astrologer in your pocket

6 month 1-on-1 consultancy


You get:
  • Guidance on how to uplevel your leadership from within
  • Understanding of how you lead and how communicate with your team
  • Know exactly what you search for in a team member
  • Uncover a deeper layer of your identity that you haven’t accessed yet

Over are the days of searching for inspiration or rest because you’ll know exactly what to do. From the macro with monthly themes, to the micro with launching dates.


  • One-day Retreat to kick off the program + everything included in it
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Sessions with team members
  • Voxer support


*are you interested to get your whole team involved and get a customized team package? Book your call and ask for the opportunities!

A strategy based on your unique talents and gifts. Customized for your life, your business, and your goals and desires

Who is this for?

For coaches, service providers and change makers who know their potential and feel it but can’t quite reach it. They know what they want and how to get it, but in their business they haven’t lived up to their potential.

As an astrologer and business mentor I zoom into your talents and gifts AND focus on breaking patterns keeping you small. We focus on both your business and your personal life because they’re interwoven.

Is this for me if I don't know anything about astrology?

Absolutely! I use astrology as a tool to understand yourself better. I use practical and down-to-earth guidance. 

I don't know if I want to launch

You don’t have to have everything figured out yet! During the One-Day Retreat you’ll get an idea of when a launch CAN be done, that doesn’t mean it should be done 😉

What are the results I can expect?

Work less, make more. It’s that simple. When you know the right times for each task it becomes a no-brainer what to do when. It gives you freedom and peace of mind when you have a strategy based on your personal blueprint.

Being successful means all areas of your life thrive, not just your business. You’ll have more free time to spend with your family, hang out with your friends or spend time in reflective, quiet time. You choose because you have that level of freedom while your business grows exponentially

Who is this NOT for?

When you’re starting your business and when you’re looking for guidance on setting up your business. While it can be very helpful to know your astrological profile when you’re starting out, the One-Day Retreat is for established entrepreneurs who have reached a plateau and are ready to smash their ceiling!

All fun and games but who is this woman who promises you more income AND more free time?

7 facts about me

1. Ten years in Thailand

After a 6 month backpack journey through Southeast Asia I fell madly in love with a local Thai. Two years of long distance turned into me moving to rural Thailand, where we lived for almost 10 years. I still miss the bright green rice fields around our house! 

2. Mother of three

I still have to pinch myself that I’m now a mother of three. These munckins bring so much joy into my life. They are a big part of my why!

3. National TV

Our love story was covered by a national Dutch TV station. A program about (mostly) women moving abroad living with their partners. “Love without Borders”. I was such a fun experience!

4. Adventure

I’ve always had a longing for adventure. I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries. The season that I’m in now, allowed me to slow down and seek the adventure on an internal level.

5. Recovering perfectionist

I used to be the WORST! Perfecting every little detail. Living in rural Thailand and becoming a mother put that in perspective so I can focus on what’s really important. To be present with my own thoughts and feelings, and with my family.

6. Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher

Besides being a certified astrologer I’m also trained in Reiki and yoga. I infuse my work with all these disciples to bring you the biggest transformation.

7. Leo Power (and hair 😉

It took me years to own my Leo power (Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunct in Leo in the 10th house). Nowadays I’m unapologetic about my boldness and power!