Astrology as a Strategy

Do you want more time for yourself and your family while doubling your revenue?


I’m Patricia

I’m an entrepreneur, mother, astrologer and adventure seeker committed to helping you gain more free time to spend on the things you love


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“With the monthly themes I know exactly what to expect”

“The VIP day  allowed me to be more confident to listen to my intuition. I am more in flow. Normaly I am such a go-getter that resting or taking my time were not in my vocabulairy. I’ve felt for a long time I need to take some time off to get quite and heal, but my head was not feeling the same thing. During the VIP day with Patricia so many puzzle pieces fell into place and best of all I am allowing myself to take my time and trust my gut.”

Wendy van Hardeveld

Running your own business is joyful and fun.

And if you’re not having fun that means you haven’t cracked the code, YET!




Ready to know exactly what to do when?

Your 2021 strategy done in one day!




Running a business, a family and have time for yourself during a global pandemic is challenging!


If you are a coach or service provider, and want to have more free time while doubling your business. You’re in the right place!


 I help women like you become leaders in their industry with ease. Hustling and grinding is not required. Flow, effortless and efficiency are the words of the game!

Attract your dream clients with ease


by knowing exactly who you’re serving and how!

One day, that’s all you need!


In one day you’ll get a strategy based on your persona astrology for next year.
You walk away with:
? Dates to launch
How and when to highlight your talents
? Monthly themes
? When the pace is slower 
? Opportunity periods
Over are the days of searching for inspiration or rest because you’ll know exactly what to do. From the macro with monthly themes, to the micro with launching dates.

A strategy based on your unique talents and gifts. Customized for your life, your business, and your goals and desires

All fun and games but who is this woman who promises you more income AND more free time?

7 facts about me

1. Ten years in Thailand

After a 6 month backpack journey through Southeast Asia I fell madly in love with a local Thai. Two years of long distance turned into me moving to rural Thailand, where we lived for almost 10 years. I still miss the bright green rice fields around our house! 

2. Mother of three

I still have to pinch myself that I’m now a mother of three. These munckins bring so much joy into my life. They are a big part of my why!

3. National TV

Our love story was covered by a national Dutch TV station. A program about (mostly) women moving abroad living with their partners. “Love without Borders”. I was such a fun experience!

4. Adventure

I’ve always had a longing for adventure. I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries. The season that I’m in now, allowed me to slow down and seek the adventure on an internal level.

5. Recovering perfectionist

I used to be the WORST! Perfecting every little detail. Living in rural Thailand and becoming a mother put that in perspective so I can focus on what’s really important. To be present with my own thoughts and feelings, and with my family.

6. Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher

Besides being a certified astrologer I’m also trained in Reiki and yoga. I infuse my work with all these disciples to bring you the biggest transformation.

7. Leo Power (and hair 😉

It took me years to own my Leo power (Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunct in Leo in the 10th house). Nowadays I’m unapologetic about my boldness and power!