Stellarpreneur Program

Year-long support in business & life

Take back control over your business, your finances and your life.

Skyrocket your income, your joy and your happiness

You can read all the time management books, learn all the launching methods and still find yourself searching for the success your longing for.

The key is not in learning more methods on the outside but tuning in and listening to what your body already knows. You’re a cyclical being and the sooner you learn how to tap into that, the faster and bigger results you’ll get.

You can be present with your family and grow your business without burning yourself out. As a cyclical being, you go through ebbs and flows, you can’t be on all the time.


The myth that entrepreneurship and motherhood are mutually exclusive is a lie!


You can do both, and do both well. And I would even go beyond that, saying that motherhood makes you an even better entrepreneur because you know like no other what urgency and priority means. Pregnancy rewires your brain to function in the most optimal state. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that you’re making optimal use of your brain rewire.

Fortunately for you it only takes a few simple steps to use this inner wisdom and create that flow you’ve been craving.

Do you ever find yourself…

… sitting behind your computer, kids are finally asleep or away, but you feel totally uninspired, tired and simply want to curl up in a ball under the cover?

Nothing is wrong with you! It’s completely normal to go through these motions. In this year-long program you discover when these moments come up instead of being surprised by it.

I started my coaching not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world.

Soraya D.

Maternal Conscious Collective

Your unique astrological profile serves as a backdrop from where we map out the yearly energy forecast.

From there we zoom into the quarters than the months and finally the weeks.

Shifts in mindset don’t happen overnight.

It takes days – weeks even months to get used to your new normal.

The Stellarpreneur Program honors that growth and success is a process that takes time to marinate, incorporate and live your new mindset.

Uprooting old, outdated patterns so you can focus on what you’re good at and what you need help with. You know what, asking for help is a sign of strength!

It’s like flexing a muscle, once you learn how and what to ask help for, you build strength. In your life, in your relationships and in your business.

This is my promise to you:


You know when to do the right tasks

Resting and relaxing feels natural

Work feels effortless
(which means you still need to work, but this time it’s in flow)



After the session I did with Patricia I am more confident to listen to my intuition and I am more in flow. Normally I am such a go-getter that resting or taking my time aren’t in my vocabulary. I felt I need to take some time off to get quiet and heal for a long time, but my head was telling me otherwise. During the session so many puzzle pieces fell into place and best of all I am allowing myself to take my time and trust my gut. I am definitely come back for another session this year.

Wendy van Hardeveld

The Portrait Photographer for the Modern Woman

Why mom entrepreneurs chose to work with me:

  • I tell it like it is. No sugar-coating over here. When I see something that’s not working, I tell you.
  • I have years of experience in working with mom entrepreneurs, reading their astrological profile, guiding them through big life decisions and validating their intuition.
  • I lived in Thailand for 7 years where I met my own boundaries, studied a different culture and went on a deep spiritual quest (without realizing it at that time!)
  • As a mom of two young children I know life in unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be present with your family AND grow your business.
  • I search for inspiration and guidance daily, from the earthly realm and above.



Like nature – you go through seasons, moving with the energies of high and low.


Winter is for resting

Spring is for emerging

Summer is for blooming

Fall is for introspection.


When these seasons happen and in which area of your life is a constant dance of cycles. Understand the cycles and understand yourself!

Are you ready …

..  to say YES to having a clear strategy for the year ahead?
.. to become successful while having fun?
.. to give yourself permission to surrender?
.. for support beyond what you thought was possible?
.. to release doubt and insecurity?



Don’t hesitate any longer and skyrocket your business and life NOW!

What action are you taking today to become the Stellarpreneur you know you’re meant to be?

Stellarpreneur Session

Quarterly planning support

Deep dive into your personal astrological profile

How to use your energy in your business

How to allow rest and surrender in your life

Clear guidance on expressing your energies in the best possible way

Understanding of the energies, the light and the shadows
Guidance on how to use your personal energies in the best possible way.
Detailed calendar of the coming three months with specific dates to create/launch/evaluate/rest based on your unique blueprint

tax may apply for EU citizens

Stellarpreneur - Year Program

Quarterly planning support

Stellarpreneur Session plus:

First session: Overview of the year ahead
Four times a quarterly session
Four times a check-in session in the middle of the quarter
Follow up session after the year ends
= 10 sessions in total
Detailed calendar with specific dates to create/launch/evaluate/rest based on your unique blueprint

tax may apply for EU citizens

Book at free call to see which session fits the season of your life best.

Patricia has a gift of putting into words exactly what I’m feeling. It’s gives me the validation that it’s perfectly okay to be me. I’m grateful for her guidance these past few years!

Emily Ball

Up with the Sunrise

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Eliminate frustration and surprises in you business and life by planning your month ahead with the insights of the cosmos.