Stellarpreneur Program

Find the answers you’ve been looking for to uplevel business & life effortless and with ease

You want answers NOW!

Get the practical tools and clarity to shift your mindset

Everybody needs it

Stepping into YOUR new reality that feels effortless and possible

You’re navigating this human experience as best as you can, but what if I tell you there’s an easier way to navigate it?⁠


Your astrological profile – or natal/birth chart – shows where your zone of genius is and where resistance shows up.⁠

Resistance is part of the growth process. It’s even a necessity to acknowledge the resistance so that growth can happen.⁠

I started my coaching not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world.

Soraya D.

Maternal Conscious Collective

Your astrological profile lays out what areas in your life are more on the forefront now and what areas move slower.⁠

This knowledge creates a strategy based on where your energy naturally flows in this moment and for the months ahead.⁠

No more hustling and pushing against your own energy!

Create a new paradigm⁠ for yourself and your business, especially NOW!

We’re in a unique position in history where we have so much information available while we’re isolated. I completely acknowledge we’re in a privileged position, where we have this ability.⁠

It’s also a confusing and overwhelming time. These times encourage you to explore close to home. To explore what drives you, what moves you and how to fully optimize that.⁠

This is my promise to you:

You know when to do the right tasks

Resting and relaxing feels natural

Work feels effortless
(which means you still need to work, but this time it’s in flow)

Wendy went from being exhausted with the influx of new ideas all the time, to:

Following through with her ideas

Having clarity

Working less hours with better results


Why female entrepreneurs choose to work with me:

  • I tell it like it is. No sugar-coating over here. When I see something that’s not working, I tell you.
  • I have years of experience in working with female entrepreneurs, reading their astrological profile, guiding them through big life decisions and validating their intuition.
  • I lived in Thailand for 7 years where I met my own boundaries, studied a different culture and went on a deep spiritual quest (without realizing it at that time!)
  • As a mom of two young children (and pregnant with number three) I know life in unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be present with your family AND grow your business.
  • I search for inspiration and guidance daily, from the earthly realm and above.

What if planning is a breeze? Every task feels like a piece of cake?
Each next step like no-brainer?

You’d reach a new level of peace without any time hacking, manipulation or hustling. You’d be doing the opposite; slowing down, listening to your energy and manifesting success almost magically!

Are you ready …

..  to say YES to having a clear strategy for the year ahead?
.. to become successful while having fun?
.. to give yourself permission to surrender?
.. for support beyond what you thought was possible?
.. to release doubt and insecurity?



Don’t hesitate any longer and skyrocket your business and life NOW!

What action are you taking today to become the Stellarpreneur you know you’re meant to be?

Stellarpreneur - Clarity Session

One Time Session
Lion’s Gate Portal Special!

Get an overview of the next few months of 2020:

Clarity on visibility and workflow

Create more time by eliminating indecisiveness 

Clear guidance on possible setbacks and disappointments 

Recording of the session

60 min session
Lion’s Gate Special: 
€497  €297!!
tax may apply for EU citizens

Stellarpreneur Sessions

Three Month planning support

Stellarpreneur Clarity Session plus:

Know when to launch, when to rest and when to evaluate

Create new behavior that supports your talents

Understanding when your rational mind works better to keep the focus and when your intuition is heightened for the creative process
Detailed calendar of the coming months with specific dates to create/launch/evaluate/rest based on your unique blueprint

Three sessions – Three months
tax may apply for EU citizens

Stellarpreneur - Year Program

Yearly planning support

Stellarpreneur Sessions plus:

Overview of the year ahead

Effortlessly planning your launch calendar and editorial calendar for the year based on what works best for you

Work on self-sabotaging behavior and blocks to keep you in flow

Each month in-depth session of what’s ahead, how to continue to create more time by working more efficiently

Support in all areas of your life; relationships, friendships, family, business and more

Ongoing access to support through email/text to get the latest insights

Follow up session after the year ends

Twelve sessions + ongoing support through email/text + short check-in sessions
tax may apply for EU citizens

Book at free call to see which session fits the season of your life best.

Patricia has a gift of putting into words exactly what I’m feeling. It’s gives me the validation that it’s perfectly okay to be me. I’m grateful for her guidance these past few years!

Emily Ball

Up with the Sunrise

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