Virgo Full Moon 2019
February 19 – 16:45 CET – 10:45 am EST

The grounding earth energy of Virgo is the perfect catalyst to follow your underlying inclings and stop fighting the natural path of your life. Virgo likes control but with the Sun in Pisces it urges you to give space to your dreams.


The second supermoon of the year (first one was the Leo Supermoon – Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st) happens in Virgo. Smart and precise, nothing passes Virgo without evaluating it. This Full Moon strengthens your resilience when you take a moment to stop and honor the natural cycles of life.


Virgo Full Moon – Pisces Sun

On Monday the 18th the Sun moved from Aquarius to Pisces. From quirky to dreamy watery. A Full Moon always has the Sun and Moon in opposite signs. Pisces rules our emotions and intuition, where Virgo is more practical and loves systems.

Growth can’t happen without a little pressure and each Full Moon gives you a healthy dose of pressure.

February 2nd marked the halfway point between winter solstice and the spring equinox, daylight is increasing and the Sun is getting warmer. We can feel spring emerging, even on cold snowy days. But in order for new fresh sprouts to come up, we need to get the land ready for sprouting seeds.


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Clean and release

This is the time to clean your body and mind, since Virgo is very health conscious. That also means that unhealthy habits need to be released, and not through punishing yourself, but through forgiving and releasing systems that have been blocking you. By embracing the natural cycles of life and surrendering to the cycle of natural completion you clear the path for new opportunities to come into your life.

An extra boost of grounding energy is provided to you by Pluto – Venus – Saturn conjunct in Capricorn. Which works in your advantage when you let it. This is the perfect time for transforming old rusty patterns and accept when things are coming to an end. Whether it’s a project, a friendship or a season of life, know that it clears the path for new sprouts to emerge.

Are you curious how to make peace with the completions cycles and invite new energy in? Do the Lunar Ritual below and enhance your intuition and health.


Lunar Magic Ritual – Virgo Full Moon 2019 – Supermoon

Your body is a temple and in order for that temple to function is optimal condition it needs to be clean. A clean body starts with a clean mind. Welcome this incentive to find closure to move on.


If you’ve watch Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix you know the importance of space in your house comes from space in your mind. The same goes for the ability to let go of systems and patterns that don’t spark joy.
This lunar ritual revolves around honoring where you are and what you have done, without judgment. It’s an emotional and spiritual clean up so you only keep what helps you grow.

When the weather allows it, perform this ritual outside.
Clean yourself and your space with sage, palo santo or sweet grass. Light a candle and place a drop of chamomile or ginger essential oil in your palms, rub your hand together and inhale. This will assist you in staying grounded while you’re releasing.

Come to a comfortable seat and turn your awareness inwards. See your path for what it is; your unique journey. No judgment or regrets. Slowly start to distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions and tune into your intuition. Focus on your breath. Follow the natural flow of your meditation and don’t try to change it.

When you’re ready, deepen your breathing again. Sit in quiet contemplation for a moment. Feel and see the messages you received and slowly open the eyes. Close the ritual by snuffing the candle.

After the ritual write down where your mind went during the meditation. Your meandering serves a purpose, so don’t disregard the messages inside. Go into detail what came up and start to connect to dots. How can you release patterns and give space to your highest self.

In the comments below let us know what patterns you’re ready to break and how you’re going to keep yourself accountable!


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