Taurus New Moon 2019
May 4 – 6:45 pm EDT –  May 5 – 00:45 CET

As we’re moving further into spring time we welcome the Taurus new Moon as another breath of fresh air. With giants like Saturn and Pluto in retrograde it’s time to set yourself straight, clean the slate so you can move forward feeling grounded and supported from within.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so take advantage of this stubborn energy and plant seeds because they will take root. Allow yourself to shed everything that’s blocking you so that you can move forward with confidence.

I’m in love with this season. For the first time in 7 years I’m experiencing a significant change of seasons. I’ve never really missed it but now that I’m feeling the change into spring, it fills my heart with joy. As a Taurus Moon, this Taurus season is really filling my cup. This also happens to conjoin with having moved into our new house so creating a cozy and comfortable home is right up my alley and the universe’s alley. Isn’t it great when all these energies line up?



Pluto and Saturn Retrograde

Last week, Pluto stationed retrograde in Capricorn on April 24 and will stay there for about five months. Pluto connects us with the cycles of life; death and rebirth. During this retrograde cycle it calls you to honor these cycles so that you can grow. We often disregard the feeling of things ending because it feels too final. Pluto is here to assist you in ending self-sabotaging behavior that stands in the way of your growth.

This week Saturn joined in. On Monday April 29 Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn. For the next four and a half month period you need to get real about your path. Saturn is the bearer of karma, the wise elder and it’s here to teach you a lesson. We all recognize experiencing the same event over and over again. Urging us to learn our lesson because Saturn isn’t about constructive criticism, it’s about the naked truth.

Saturn has our best interests at heart but we also need to see that ourselves. What are your best interests? Have you been honoring your own path?


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Taurus New Moon

This Saturday’s new Moon marks a stop before we can go further.

As I was watching Brene Brown’s Netflix special, I realized the importance of leadership. Not just as a leader to others, but to take ownership over our own lives. When we think of leadership we think tough and strong right? It’s actually the other way around. Brene puts it so adequately; “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” For true leadership, you need to let your guard down and show your vulnerable side.

Taurus season is perfect for that. Taurus is all about the senses and is very down-to-earth. It doesn’t care much for meaningless fluff, instead it searches for stability and security in the earthly realm. This is the time to get real with your intentions. Where have you set up a false sense of security and where can you create more authenticity?

Authenticity is a tricky word and it’s used a lot but what does it mean to you? How can you show up in your life without all the external stuff and still feel stable? Take a moment during this new moon and connect with your inner core and worthiness. When you’re deeply rooted there’s less need for external validation. You are enough being you!

With Venus, the ruler of Taurus, in Aries is THE time to set your intentions because it’s a very fertile time to make new plan(t)s grow. Be aware of the stubbornness of Taurus not getting in the way but is used in its advantage. Be stubborn about your goals and dreams and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t!





Lunar Influence – Taurus New Moon 2019

I can see the excitement in my children’s eyes when they see all the trees, plants and flowers come alive again. There’s something magical about seeing nature bloom again. Just like nature we’re waking up more and more to align ourselves with what makes us grow.

This time of year is so potent. We have the power in our own hands. Of course we always do but when we have a physical reminder – hello mother earth – it’s easier to connect to our own divine awakening. We have all the potential within us, now it’s time to bring it to the surface and make our plans accordingly.

Kids naturally feel this awakening of the earth. These days I have to stop the bike at least three times on our way to school so they can smell the flowers, watch little ducklings or admire the trees full of leaves. They see it but they also know it. My daughter got on her bike this week to learn to bike without training wheels. We’ve tried before and it never really worked. She didn’t listen to our advice, too stubborn 😉 But after weeks of not trying, she got on her bike and almost immediately biked away. No instructions, just feeling it.

It’s amazing how kids can sense when they’re ready to do something. It’s like you can see they receive the cosmic download and can move on. This Taurus new Moon is no different. Allow them to spend time outside in nature. Even better, let them plant something and teach them how to take care of it. We’re going to spend this weekend planting seeds and planning the rest of our garden. We’re going to let them have their own part where they can grow whatever they want.

I’m definitely not the one with a green thumb in this family but that’s not going to stop me from planning and working in the garden. We all need some more nature energy. Go outside, walk bare feet and smell the fresh air!


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