Leo Full Moon 2019
Jan 20 – 9.16pm EST – Jan 21 – 03.16 CET

Hear the roar. This dramatic full Moon in Leo happens at zero degrees – giving it even more umph. This is the first of three Supermoons, in February and March we’re treated to two more. It’s undeniable that these Supermoons have an important message for us and Leo – the feisty leader – kicks it off.

During a Supermoon the Moon is closer to the earth and appears about 15% bigger and brighter! When the ruler of our emotional world comes this close to the earth you can expect upheaval.


Sun in Aquarius

The Sun has just entered quirky Aquarius. From the grounded steady Capricorn we’ve moved to restlessness and inspiration – all happening at once. This Full Moon is your invitation to release people, projects or situation that suck all the joy and creativity right out of you. Leo rules your creativity and expression. What do you need to set yourself free?

Being a Supermoon isn’t enough spotlight for showstopper Leo – it’s also a total lunar eclipse. This will be the final lunar eclipse in Leo for a while. Leo calls us to get clear about our personality and self-expression so this portal gives you the opportunity to find the courage to align your actions with your desires.

Leo is a fire sign and love the be the center of attention but during a lunar eclipse the energy is turned inwards. While the moon is brightly shining the earth passes between the Sun and Moon, causing the Moon to turn dark (red). This physical event has the same affect on us. We’re shining our brightest light and suddenly the light is switched off and we need to rely on our senses.

Since this is the last eclipse in Leo for a while, make this a memorable one. Close and move on! Let your inner Leo can roar loud and clear.



Lunar Magic Ritual – Leo Full Moon 2019 – Super Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse

Each Full Moon is an opportunity to check in and evaluate where you stand, add a lunar eclipse in the mix and you have the perfect recipe to move forward without the ballast that’s holding you back.

When Leo is expressed in the high side it’s a loyal leader who care about bringing joy into the world. When Leo isn’t given the freedom to express itself it will turn to arrogance. It’s our work to align our expressions with our desires, whether you are a Leo or not, you have Leo energy within you!

This Full Moon emphasizes the high side so step out of the shadow and into the light! Gather objects connected to fire and warmth – since Leo is ruled by the Sun. Crystals like citrine, topaz or jasper and golden or golden-colored objects. Bring the element of fire into your ritual space by lighting candles. Fire represents transformation and the heat of the Sun.

Clean yourself and your space with sage, palo santo or sweet grass. Diffuse Frankincense oil to enhance to your connection with your intuition. Put your hands together at your heart center and close your eyes. See the following invocation out loud:

Sun, light up my path so my light can illuminate myself and others 

Bring your awareness to the objects you gathered and its significance. What has been dimming your light? What has stopped you from inspiring others? Which ideas haven’t come into fruition due to limiting beliefs?

Sit in quiet contemplation for a moment. Feel and see the messages you received and slowly open the eyes. Close the ritual by snuffing the candle.

After the ritual take a moment to write down what was revealed to you and what you’re going to do to break these patterns so that you can shine your brightest light.

In the comments below let me know how this lunar eclipse is affecting you and what you are ready to release. What are the lessons you learned over the past 2 years? I’d love to hear from you!


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