In the search for balance it can be hard to find that perfect place of peace. Balance is a complex concept to strive for. Rather than searching the perfect balance, allow the energies of the universe to guide you in finding this midpoint. Spring Equinox is the moment where light and darkness are in balance. This moment has a great lesson in it for all of us.


Every major planetary movement offers the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. When you open up to the energies and allow the lessons to guide you, you tap into the universal guidance. Co-creating with the universe is powerful and potent way to manifest your desires and at the same time allow to flow.


Spring Equinox

Nature is slowly waking up, the first spring flowers can be seen and animals are coming out their hibernation state. It’s the tipping point from where day and night are equal, moving towards more daylight than darkness every day.

It’s the time for new beginnings, refreshed energy. It’s time to tune into growth after a period of hibernation and rest. Notice the signs of spring around you, smell the fresh air and feel the energy shifting. The earth is slowly waking up again and nature is getting ready for rebirth.

The spring equinox is a moment in the year to align your intentions with the universe. It’s the start of a new cycle, in nature but also within yourself. It falls around the same day the astrological new year starts, with Aries leading the ship. All these energies breathe new beginnings.


Cyclical Time

It’s not a beginning as in a completely empty slate. Time isn’t just linear, it’s cyclical. Even the Greeks believed in two different types of time; Kronos and Kairos. Kronos was used to describe the linear time concept, the clock-time. Kairos was used to describe intuition and divine timing. We need both in this world. We need Kronos to be able to make appointments and keep track but at the same time we need Kairos to embrace the fluid and flowy nature of feelings, emotions and intuition.

Spring Equinox is a beautiful reminder to make sure you have both concepts of time in your life. When need structure and at the same time learn how to flow with the energies of life. Just like we can’t perceive light without darkness and visa versa.

When the universe comes to a perfect balance it’s an invitation for you to embrace that balance within yourself. Where have you been dimming you light or where have you been ignoring your shadows. We all have shadows and the sooner you acknowledge it’s present in you, the sooner you find harmony within yourself.


Rituals and Kids

The celebration of spring equinox has a long history. From ancient Rome to the Mayan culture, from the Pagan tradition to the Celtic tradition. These celebrations honored the natural harmony of life and the fertility of the season. It’s a beautiful moment to invite your kids to embrace the magic of the natural cycles of life.

We live in a world where everything happens fast and not much time is set aside to honor these ancient traditions. Like I mentioned people have been honoring this event through the history of time and kids were never excluded. So create a ritual that suits your children’s age and see how they naturally embrace the magic.

Spring Equinox stands for new beginnings, planting seeds and new opportunities so gather objects related to that like seeds, spring flowers or eggs (fertility and growth). Make it into a fun ritual where the kids can participate in. Below you find some ideas. You can combine these into your own ritual you can do with your kids.

1. Create a flower mandala on the floor.
2. Go outside and be intentional in noticing the signs of spring. Point out the transformations.
3. Plant something. Feel the dirt between your finger and the joy of planting new beginnings. This is also good to teach kids about the responsibility of caring for plants.
4. When your kids are a bit older, ask them to write down what new projects, ideas or dreams they want to life. Make plans how to make it come true.
5. Give thanks to what the winter has brought and to the land and mother earth for providing the soil to feed and nurture us.



You can plan and dream all you want but there also needs to be a moment of action. Spring equinox initiates this action. No one can take that action for you. This is what self-actualization is about; to move the needle yourself without waiting for outside conditions to change. Let this moment be the initiation you need to spring forward!



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