Have you heard of the shiny object syndrome? When you see something beautiful and you just have to have it, whether or not you need it. The same goes for your business, there are so many options when you’re just starting out, but not everything is necessary. How do you navigate through the land of infinite online possibilities? Here are some guidelines so help a starting entrepreneur out.


shiny object syndrome


When it comes to running a family and a business, I apply one rule;

Less is More

When I first started my business I got lost in the overwhelm of all the options and possibilities. I was in the grip of the shiny object syndrome. Everything looked and sounded amazing.

Website, landing pages, marketing automation platform, course creation, social media and more. Where to start?

Are you experiencing the same with all the opportunities out there? Let me explain how I maneuver through the jungle of running an online business and how you can choose what works for you.


Shiny Object Syndrome

When someone mentioned this ‘syndrome’ I had to laugh but I instantly knew she was onto something. It’s easy to look at what it can bring you and forget how much work it takes. When you finally made the decision to start your business, you need to decide your next steps and there’s so much out there!

Don’t get distracted by all the options. Do solid research and ask people who have experience within your niche and market. Each customer responds differently, so make sure you stay within your own field. Below I made a list of the general must-have and must-do’s when you’re starting out.


1. Website

This is an obvious one! You need a website so people can find you, read about you and potentially buy your products or services. You can choose to build one yourself or hire someone. Ask yourself how much time you’re willing to spend on it. Hiring someone so you can focus on what you’re good at is more valuable and will save you money in the end!

The easiest way to set up your own website is to get a domain name, hosting and use WordPress.org (not to confuse with WordPress.com) for the backend of your website. WordPress easily lets you create pages and blogs without any programming knowledge!

Don’t make it too complicated! The most important parts are your homepage and an About page (which is the second most visited page after the homepage) and an opt-in – I’ll get back to that later. If that’s all you want to share for now, start with that. It’s tempting to wait until everything is perfect but in the end progress is better than perfection. Start before you’re ready!


2. Email List

In marketing your email list is pure gold! You can have thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram but when they decide to change their algorithm (which they do all the time!), your followers don’t see your posts. Your email list on the other hand, you own those addresses. No algorithm, no ads, just your message straight into their inbox.

How to choose a email marketing service? Ask what your goal is. In the beginning I’ve used MailChimp, it’s free and easy to use. When you’re looking for an all-in-one system to process payments, track purchases or affiliate marketing, I love Ontraport*.

The most important part is that you nourish the connection with your subscribers. Make sure that you contact them regularly so they won’t forget you. I consider being in someone inbox a privilege so I’ll treat it as such. I make sure I’ll reach out to my subscribers every week, but you need to do what feel natural and feasible for you. Don’t compare yourself with others and think that you have to write every day! The frequently is important but you also don’t want to write for the sake of writing. Do some research to find your sweet spot.


3. Opt-in

As I mentioned above, your email list is gold, but how do you get people to subscribe? The first thing your website visitors should see is a reason to subscribe, an opt-in. Our mailboxes are overflowing with emails so we’ve become very selective to whom we give our email. When you want to turn website visitors in subscribers you need to offer something valuable.

You can create a subscribe bar above the fold (right where they can see it) or a popup lightbox, where you offer your freebie. Make it one that they can’t resist!

Opt-in Ideas:

  • Cheat sheet
  • Checklist
  • Challenge
  • Discount code
  • Ebook
  • and many more!

Keep in mind the less is more! You don’t have to offer them a 300 page ebook for free, a first chapter will do. This way people are getting familiar with your work. They might not become customers right away, but this is about nurturing the connection.

If you want to learn more about creating an email marketing campaign to establish yourself as an expert? Enroll now in the 12 week mentorship program to build your soulful business. The program is build around the idea of mothers being able to run their families and businesses without burning out. Are you ready to dive in? Find more information HERE!


4. Social Media

There are many discussions around using social media for your business but it’s undeniable that it’s a place where you can establish credibility. Imagine if you hear about a new business, you’ll search for them on social media. If you find an empty page with 4 month old posts, you’ll think again. You have to understand the importance of an online presence on social media, but you don’t have to get lost in this world.

Something that simplified my life tremendously is scheduling posts. As much as I like to post in the moment, it drains my energy and I don’t always have time for it. Scheduling is an absolute savior! Once a month I plan a few hours to write and schedule the posts. This way when I’m on social media, I can reply and comment without being distracted by the posts I still need to post.

For scheduling on Facebook I use MeetEdgar* and for Instagram I use Later.com. I love how much space it created in my business and life. I can focus on what I think is important, the interaction with my followers and clients. Focus is always important but even more so when you’re just starting out. Don’t let the shiny object syndrome paralyze you, simply choose one or maximum 2 platforms you’re going to focus on. What is the platform of preference for your ideal customer? Make sure you commit to that medium.



Are you ready to go deeper? The doors to the 12 week Mentorship Program is open NOW! Learn how to structure your life and business so it works for you! Work together with other mothers in a small group to support, guide and lift each other up. Read more HERE.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or reach out through email HERE.


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