Scorpio Full Moon 2019
May 18 – 5:11 pm EDT –  23:11 CET

When Scorpio rolls around a powerful portal to your inner underworld is opened and it’s an excellent time to look at the skeletons you have hiding in your closet. Trust that whatever is presented to you during this full Moon is exactly what you need to see.

The full Moon is happening at 27 degrees Scorpio with the Sun in grounded Taurus. The deep watery depths of Scorpio can feel overwhelming and overpowering – a trait Scorpio is known for. To counteract this need take the deep dive into the subconscious make sure you stay grounded at the same time. Walk bare-feet, smell the fresh are and surround yourself with element of nature that light you up.


Scorpio Full Moon

The goddess connected to Scorpio is Lilith and this explains a lot about the different aspects of Scorpio, especially during this full Moon. Like the Hindu goddess Kali, she’s often misunderstood and feared because she can create life but also destroy it. Denying our dark side is like denying half of ourselves.

The Scorpio full Moon is asking you just that, to face your deepest shadows and to embrace it. Life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows. Honestly – it would be very boring if it was – so this is your ticket into the underworld.

When that deep side of Scorpio isn’t nurtured it turns around into manipulation and a need to control. The best way to take the attention away that is to bring your awareness to the situation and to forgive yourself. When you don’t allow your darker side to come up, it will find a way to express itself. Full Moons often trigger these shadows and Scorpio even more so.


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Giving space to the ‘dark side’

Even though this sounds like a lot of intensity it’s the perfect opportunity to let yourself go to places you’re usually too afraid to go to. The Moon is making a harmonious trine with Chiron – giving this Moon a flavor of deep healing. And the Sun in Taurus helps you not to drown in the waters of the subconscious.

The ruler of Scorpio – Pluto – in retrograde amplifies to explore the dark side. It also amplifies your sexual drive, not in a physical way like Mars but in a deep sacred connection kinda way. Let your wild side out and don’t be afraid to explore your kicky side. Only if you ignore and push away this desire you’ll get frustrated and resentful. The power is in your own hands 😉




Lunar Influence – Scorpio Full Moon 2019

Scorpio is mysterious and passionate so it’s not going to be an easy ride with the kids. As much as you feel the need to go deep, so will your kids. Recognize their need to release and at the same time protect your own journey of release.  

It’s crucial more than ever to create a safe container for your family to release during the Scorpio full Moon. When this safe container is compromised in a way there will be a tendency to engage in emotional drama. Remember it’s all-in – aka the deep dive into the unconscious – or it turns to controlling or even revenge.

It can be a few days of intense energy. On Thursday the Moon already enters Scorpio and the intensity will build up until the full Moon on Saturday. Only four hours after the full Moon it shifts into the sign of Sagittarius, providing relief for everyone.

The best thing to do these next couple of days is to observe the path your kids are taking. Let them explore the stormy energy in their own way. It might not look pretty but kids need to learn to deal with the uncomfortable too. If we protect them from every uncomfortable feeling we don’t teach them resilience and that will backfire later in life.

So yes, the next few days can turn into a bumpy ride but when you stay open for healing, your kids will follow your lead. The better you’re prepared the easier it is to ride these ways. You’ve got this mama!


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