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Welcome to the lunar magic business Podcast

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit down with me and learn about the reality of being a mom entrepreneur.

Having a thriving career and a family is possible, motherhood and being an entrepreneur aren’t mutually exclusive! I’m here to tell you how you can achieve harmony between your family and business.

It’s time to shake off those old limiting beliefs and create a paradigm shift in how we experience being mom entrepreneurs!

Episode 45: Finding Joy in Everyday Life with Mary Allison Brown

[powerpress] We can be so busy with the life we want to create that we're forgetting to enjoy the one we already have. Mary Allison Brown joins me in a conversation about finding joy in everyday life and cultivating gratitude not just for ourselves but to...

Episode 44: How to Achieve More in Less Time

[powerpress] In business you're always looking for ways to streamline and optimize your workflow so you spend less time and get more done. Let me introduce you to: batching. I can't tell you enough how much of a time and energy saver this is. The best part...

Episode 43: Mastering Your Money Mindset with Katie Mongelli

[powerpress] There's a big taboo around talking about money. We're either arrogant if we do or shamed when we don't. That's why this episode is so important. And you know the funniest part, we've never actually discussed how to manage money. It's all about...

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