Pisces New Moon 2019
March 6  – 17.04 CET –  11:04 am EST

The Pisces New Moon follows two other major events, making this new moon feel even more dreamy and slow. Even more than with other new moons this can feel like time is dragged out. Honor this pull to slow down and respect your own boundaries.

Pisces is the dreamy one of the zodiac, heightened intuition, sensitive and magical. Mercury – in retrograde – and Neptune – the ruler of Pisces – are conjunct to this new moon. Amping up your sensitivity, this new moon deepens your spiritual roots and encourage you to dream bigger. But beware, Pisces is also known for its numbing behavior when emotions get too intense.


Pisces New Moon

Expect emotions to run high this new moon and the days afterwards. Things are felt even deeper. Give yourself permission for a good cry, a heart to heart with yourself. Clean out the old stagnant emotions so there’s space for new fresh energy. Be honest to yourself even if that means you need to say goodbye to people, patterns or projects.

Numbing out might feel like the best option when things get too intense, but it’s not in your best interest to push it away. Be mindful when it comes to watching TV, scrolling through social media or eating these days and make sure it’s not a form of hiding.

I know rest and taking a pause doesn’t sound sexy, but make sure you’re listening to what your body and mind are craving. With all the intensity in the sky, your body can feel heavy and slow. Surrender and take a pause, prioritize sleep, meditate.




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Mercury Retrograde – Uranus in Taurus

The Pisces new Moon isn’t the only big event this week. On March 5th the first of three Mercury retrograde of this year starts. Until March 28th Mercury is stationed retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Even if you’re new to astrology you must have heard of this event. Unfortortunity it has gotten a bad reputation over the years but this is the perfect time to slow down and turn inwards. If you want to learn more on how to use this energy in your benefit listen to this episode of the Lunar Magic Business Podcast on how to make the most out of every Mercury retrograde.

On the same day of the new moon, Uranus, the planet of revolution, moves from Aries into Taurus where it will stay for the next 7 years. Uranus governs radical shifts and innovation. The past six years it was stationed in masculine Aries and now it moved to the softer Taurus. We can expect shifts and changes happening on the level of finances and nature – Taurus’ playground.

Uranus is a transpersonal planet – meaning it rules the collective energy. This energy will create national and global shifts rather than shifts within your own personal life. That doesn’t mean you have no influence on this. On the contrary, change starts in your own home (or garden). Raising the collective consciousness is something you do by yourself. When you raise your vibration, others will follow.



Lunar Magic Ritual – Pisces New Moon 2019

Pisces the Dreamer, enhanced by the presence of Neptune – the ruler of Pisces – and Mercury. This new moon can feel very heavy and overwhelming because of all the emotions that can start to surface.

It’s best expressed being dreamy, imaginative and sensitive. Qualities that are not applauded as busy, entrepreneurial women. Even if you don’t resonate with these keywords, you all have a bit of Pisces in you. During this new moon it’s a beautiful opportunity to let your sensitive side out.

Hiding or finding distractions is a quality Pisces knows all too well. Being caught under a wave of emotions is overwhelming and numbing out will be the easiest way out. Be aware of this and catch yourself before you go there. Feel the emotions, write, talk or sing about it.


The most important part of this ritual is water. If available, take a bath before the ritual and submerge yourself in Pisces’ natural element. Bring water in a sacred vessel or cup into your ritual space. Clean yourself and your space with sage, palo santo or sweet grass. Diffuse frankincense or juniper berry to connect to your intuition and to slow down. Gather any other objects that represent your connection to the divine, your spiritual connection.

Light your candles and put your hands together at your heart center and close your eyes. Say the following invocation out loud:

May the energies of the New Moon and Neptune assist to transcend all that holds me back from my highest spiritual potential.

Sit in quiet contemplation for a moment. Feel and see the messages you received and slowly open the eyes. Close the ritual by snuffing the candle.

After the ritual take a moment to write down what was revealed to you. Give yourself space to process the emotions and feelings. If you feel you still have stagnant energy around you, take a shower and do a salt scrub to wash away the negative energy.


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