Libra Super Full Moon 2019
Mar 20 – 9.43pm EDT – MAR 21 – 02.43 CET

This Super Full Moon happens on a day packed with lots of other major planetary movements. The sun enters Aries just four hours before the full Moon. And it marks the day where the light and darkness are in balance; the Spring Equinox – Ostara. 


The Libra Full Moon is the last supermoon of three supermoons at 0 degrees this year – Leo and Virgo Supermoon were the first two. Take this opportunity to see the Moon appear bigger and brighter at the horizon for the last time this year.

We’re still in the middle of Mercury retrograde until March 28, encouraging you to continue to re-evaluate and review. Mercury in Pisces puts the spotlight on your spiritual practice and the connection to your intuition. Learn more how to use Mercury retrograde in your advantage in this Lunar Magic Business Podcast episode.



Sun in Aries

Only four hours before the full Moon, the sun moves into the sign of Aries, marking the start of the new astrological year. Aries, the first sign of the year is ready to charge forward. It brings a nice dose of fire and energy to keep the momentum going. The past few weeks have been nothing short of drama. I’ve talked to so many moms who were wondering what was going on because their kids were experiencing some intense emotional outbursts.

For us as adults it can already be challenging to express our emotions, so when our children feel things being stirred up, they’re also searching for a way to release that restlessness. Pisces connected us with our intuition, opening a door to our unconscious and uncovering layers we easily ignore on a daily level. No wonder we all felt the upheaval within. When you take the invitation and explore what is brought to the surface, deep healing occurs.


Spring Equinox

The sun moving into Aries also marks the spring equinox. On this day light and darkness are balanced. The perfect harmony between day and night, brightness and shadows, masculine and feminine. It allows you to experience what balance in the universe feels like.

Read more about the significance of the spring equinox and how to further enhance this powerful point in the year in this blog post.


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Libra Super Full Moon

Libra is the sign of balance and harmony – the scales. And how beautiful that it coincides with the spring equinox which is all about equal energies. Tune into the areas of your life where you’re missing the harmony. As you know, I don’t use the word balance when it comes to finding more peace but rather creating harmony between all aspects in life.

Libra rules our relationships and connections making this a perfect moment to find closure in those areas. This Libra Super Full Moon is great for releasing toxic and unwanted relationships. We all know we have some.

With Mars – the ruler of Aries – making a harmonious aspect with Pluto, this is the perfect moment to further enhance those creative energies of Libra, combined with the fiery Mars. Get creative in how you can move your life further into alignment. This is the perfect time to release those negative thought patterns and think of how you can use the increase of (day-) light into your life.



Lunar Influence – Libra Super Full Moon 2019 – Spring Equinox

We’re at the start of spring time and the Full Moon in Libra underlines the search for harmony and peace within. Inviting more light into your life to melt away the darkness. 

For you as mom it’s good to look at your romantic relationship but also the relationship with your children. Did some old patterns slip back in? Are your children able to express their own unique voice? Take your time to see where your own responsibilities lay and what you can do.

Libra is also known for its indecisiveness but this is not the time to dabble around with decisions. It’s a time for cutting cords with relationships that aren’t servicing your highest good, in your life but also in business.


Children & the full Moon

Your children probably won’t take the time to consciously evaluate their relationships but what can show up is this contradiction of harmony (Libra) and action (Aries). Each full moon is a contradiction because the Moon and the Sun are in opposite signs. This time it can result in getting fired up when things aren’t fair in their opinion.

Most children feel this influence some days before the full Moon. Be mindful when they show the need to keep everybody happy (and not standing up for themselves) or when they have an inner conflict they can’t resolve by themselves. Try walking them through all the options and show them how they can make the decision. This way you empower them to stand up for themselves and honor the other at the same time.


Ritual with the kids

Create a ritual around this full Moon and Spring Equinox. Whether or not you have an altar or a ritual space, set up a space where you gather light colored objects, spring flowers, some seeds representing the fertility of springtime and tools to make or create something. Libra is ruled by Venus – the goddess of love and art – making this an excellent moment to invoke your and your children’s creativity.

Diffuse oils to boost this harmonious energy. Grounding oils like Frankincense, Cedarwood or calming Roman Chamomile are perfect. My kids always love to get involved in these things. It makes them conscious of the little things in life and honor this moments in their day.

Light candle in a safe place and tell your children about this full Moon and Spring Equinox. Explain about the balance between day and night or any other light and darkness metaphor and ask them to draw, paint, sing or dance what that represents to them. Let their imagination run free. We’re not looking for a result, just an expression of their feeling. Of course you can do exactly the same, tap into your unlimited creativity and let it run wild!


This Libra Super Full Moon is a beautiful moment to look forward to. Every full Moon stirs the pot but when you come prepared you can use this to energy to deepen the relationship with yourself and the people around you. What ritual are you going to do this full moon?


  1. I love this and the addition of the lunar influence for mother and child section! Thank you lovely!

    • Thank you Catarina! I’m glad you liked it. Xx


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