Libra Full Moon 2019
Apr 19 – 07:12 am EST – 13:12 CET

The second full Moon in Libra in a row is accompanied by many other major shifts this week. Even though the full Moon is in Libra – it’s Aries that’s ruling this week’s biggest shifts.


Among all this cosmic power is a change of signs for the Sun, Mercury and Venus. So be prepared for some major stirring of energies this week. It’s not going to be a dull week, that’s for sure!


Mercury and Venus in Aries

On Wednesday 17th April Mercury moved into Aries. Mercury is a fast moving planet and shifts sign anywhere between 15-60 days (depending on retrogrades) but this week is special because the Sun is also in Aries and so will Venus on the 20th. With that much Aries power in the air it can get fiery.

Mercury rules our communication so make sure that what you say or but out into the world is align with your truth. This means you might need to bite your tongue a few times to keep the peace. I’m all for speaking the truth but with Mercury in Aries you should be a bit more cautious because your words can land very differently. It’s not only that you’re more harsh, people perceive it as more harsh. Be mindful about that.

At the same time, this is the time to take action on the things you’ve evaluated during the retrograde season. Mercury was stationed in Pisces for a long time and now it finally is in the sign of action and power. Use this urge to make things happen. Mercury will travel in Aries until May 6th.

Venus, the goddess moves into the masculine sign of Aries on Saturday. Not the most beneficial sign for the planet of love. When you’re connecting with your loved one be aware of this feminine/masculine contraction. With Mercury also in Aries choose your words and actions wisely.


Libra Full Moon

On Friday you get a second chance at getting real about your finances and relationships. Libra – ruled by Venus – is all about balance. During the first Libra full Moon in March the energy was more focussed on reflection and contemplation whereas now – it’s ON! Activation and power is the name of the second Libra full Moon.

The full Moon is an opportunity to surrender and release, specifically on financial and relationship level. Don’t be afraid to take radical action to cut limiting beliefs out of your life. Be honest and real about what works and what doesn’t.

Look back at what you’re working on during the first Libra full Moon and see how you can further release. Is there something you need to understand better? Is there something you’ve been missing?


Sun moves into Taurus

On Saturday it’s the Sun’s turn to shift signs, from fiery Aries to grounding Taurus. This shift will help to pull the fire down, the get down to earth and keep moving forward after an fiery week. With all the creative and inspirational energy flying around it’s great to have Taurus reminding us about the healing power of nature.


Libra Full Moon

Creative outlets is super important this full Moon, for you mamas and for the kiddos. Harmony is the name of the game when you’re working through deep layers.

Children are so sensitive to small fluctuations in energies. Each time you have an off day – they cling to your leg – simply because they can sense your energy and they want to comfort you. This full Moon is not going to be different. Each full Moon brings up things in you (and them) that need to be addressed.

Ignoring this incling will only make it louder. The same as you’re trying to ignore your toddler attached to your leg. Make the conscious decision to ride the waves with them. Create space in your calendar to sit down with them and just be. If they’re bouncing off the wall (usually the day BEFORE the full Moon), take them out, give them a way to express themselves without being judged. We all know that we get plenty of judgment each day. Let your home be a safe haven for them to express what they’re going through.

If they don’t have the words yet to express their inner world, let their body language speak. These little humans know what they want. Allow that inner wisdom to come out and respect if that’s completely different from your plans.

Ride the waves mamas 💖


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