Gemini New Moon 2019
June 3 – 6:02 am EST – 12:02 CET

Represented by the twins, Gemini is a sign that feels the duality in every way. As above, so below. The Gemini new Moon opens us up to stop skimming the surface of our underworld and embrace the need to expand in every direction possible.

The new Moon is in a lockdown aspect – a T-square – with Neptune and Jupiter making it more challenging to distinguish reality from illusion. With all the mutable energy the days around the new Moon can feel draining and hard to focus.


Gemini New Moon

Gemini has its feet in both worlds and can easily navigate to the underworld when the conditions are right. One of the low side of Gemini is to engage in mental stimulation like reading, writing or learning to avoid the underworld.

With Neptune and the new Moon squaring each other it’s harder to come out of the world you’re in. Neptune is the planet of imagination and dreams – whereas Gemini is all about mental input. The flavor Neptune puts on this new Moon is confusion and disillusion when unaware.



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Even when it feels confusing don’t shy away from the underworld. It’s essential to learn how to be comfortable in the darkness of our own being. It’s the place we can find hidden gems, waiting to be brought to the surface.


Now is the perfect time to hang out with your friends and siblings (Gemini rules our relationships with siblings) and connect. The thick fail between fact and fantasy can prevent you from seeing what’s real so be extra cautious. That doesn’t mean you should look yourself in the house and fear what’s to come! Quite the opposite. See it as an opportunity to learn and train your intuition.

Making major decisions requires extra time around this new Moon. Double check and make sure you’re not chasing rainbows but it’s backed up by research – Gemini’s favorite!


Lunar Influence – Gemini New Moon 2019

Gemini hold the transition of springtime into summer and with Neptune and Jupiter bringing a dose of confusion now is the time to stay grounded and connected.

This week (and the coming weeks) can be one of the most confusing weeks of the year when you’re unaware but since you’re reading this blog you have the advantage of getting the insights how to navigate this turbulent time.

It will be harder to tell right from wrong during this time. Gemini love to keep it on a mental level however, this is the time to use your intuition and feel your way through the situation. When things look too good to be true, check in with your gut because you know the truth.

Your children can have a harder time making up their mind – just like us! If you can, hold off on any major decision for them. Kids still navigate the dreamy world way better than we do so we don’t want to give them a rough awakening. Rather use this time to teach them about their gut feeling. Ask them how it feels or even better, ask them how it feels in their body. This can feel like a strange question when for instance you’re talking to them about cleaning up their toys. When you meet their resistance with curiosity and don’t just ask why they don’t want to clean up, but ask them where in their body they feel the resistance to clean up. You’d be surprised by their answers!


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