Do you feel like you hear too much about self-care and self-acceptance, then keep reading! Until we mothers all understand the importance of self-care of ourselves first, it’s a conversation that needs to happen. Every single mother should be able to have a moment for herself, to recharge her battery so she’s ready for the challenges that might come her way.




When you think about taking care of yourself do you think it’s something you should be doing or is it a priority? For the longest time I told myself that I was too busy and that my kids needed me so I couldn’t leave them. With my firstborn I easily found time for self-care without labeling it as such. I knew I needed to care for myself too.

When my second was born all of the caring for myself was thrown out the door. I don’t have time, they need me or that would be selfish, were thought that went through my head. I couldn’t possibly leave them alone (for like 10 minutes…) Even writing it down now makes me realise how silly that sounds.

I know I’m not alone and many mothers think they don’t have time or they don’t deserve it. It all boils down to self appreciation! You deserve it to take care for yourself! You don’t only deserve it, it’s essential!



Self-Care is Essential in the Fourth Trimester



Self-care is important for every human being but right after giving birth you are experiencing one of the most radical transformation of your life. It’s the perfect time to take a critical look at your life and your priorities. Newborns take up all of your attention but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time to care for yourself.

It shouldn’t be an option, it’s should be a standard part of your day. Even something like taking a shower by yourself is self-care. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, as long as you set out some time to reconnect with what you truly want to do!

Listen to this week’s episode why it should be part of your postpartum care and how you can establish that. Don’t forget to download the self-care guide! Let me know in the comments what your self-care routine looks like!






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