We’ve been talking a lot about it takes a village and this episode goes into a part of that village, a postpartum doula. I’m joined by Sophie Davis who works as a postpartum doula. She shares her thought, ideas and visions on the fourth trimester. 




In episode 3 A Doula’s Perspective on the Fourth Trimester, I talked to a birth doula Hehe and how having a doula by your side already decreases the chances of any form of postpartum depression significantly. She explained that care doesn’t stop after birth and pointed out how the work of a postpartum doula can help to elevate any extra stress or worries you have.

After giving birth you already have lots of things on your mind and hands! Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody with you who supports you without judgment? A postpartum doula is exactly that! In this episode Sophie Davis, a postpartum doula, shines her light on the fourth trimester and what she thinks can change in the current healthcare system.

Sophie lives and works in the Boston area, so if you’re pregnant or if you’ve just given birth and you feel like you can use some extra emotional, mental and physical support contact her on Alight Doula here or follow her on Instagram here.


Postpartum Doula


Sophie does amazing work with the families she guides through this beautiful and intense transition. Beside a postpartum doula she’s also a yoga teacher and she uses all of her knowledge to provide all round care for the mother and her family. She shares how new mothers (whether it is the first or the fourth baby) need to have support just for them. Often family members and friends want to help but also have (a well-meant) opinion which can prevent mothers to ask for the support they need.

Sophie focusses on nourishment for the whole body, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. You go through so many changes as a new mom that it’s nice to know that you have an expert at your side. She points out that an important aspect is to make space for what is happening in your body. The focus is on reimagining your life with the new baby, not about going back to your life before you had your baby. To let go of your expectations and to find a new routine is so important for mother and baby. Sophie goes into how she does this.


Do you think you can’t afford a postpartum doula? Listen to the episode below and hear what solutions we give you so you can have a postpartum doula by your side after giving birth!

Did you have a postpartum doula by your side or do you wish to have one when you give birth?




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