There’s a lot of controversy around making money in the world of wellness and healing. Ilia Stranko shares her own journey in stepping into her role as a healer, how she broke through her limiting beliefs and how you can do that to by knowing your worth.


It’s a hot topic, spirituality and making money. When is it too little and when is it too much. There’s no one size fits all but my guest this week Ilia Stranko has great insights on how to navigate this slippery slope so you won’t feel exhausted and drained.

Ilia transitioned naturally into the business side of her healing practice. It was never a conscious decision. She comes from a long lineage of healer who don’t charge, or at least that’s what she thought. They didn’t charge in the traditional sense, but they were always compensated for the work. She soon realized the importance of the energetic exchange so there should be a value exchange as well. It comes down to knowing your own worth.

In order to step up and be of service we need to be able to get paid so we can pay the bills, to feed our children. It’s the natural flow of things.


Knowing your worth as a healer

Being a healer means you have invested in yourself, not just monetary funds, but time and energy. If you’re inner practice isn’t aligned you won’t be able to show up to your clients. You constantly investing in your own growth. Holding space also means she has to be in a good place, spiritually but also financially.

How do you know what to charge for your service? Ilia put it very simple; a price that you’re comfortable saying out loud.

The way she makes sure the decisions she makes are in the best interest of her family are based on their family core values. Always moves into a direction that’s best for her and her family. Once you set clear boundaries people will know and respect that but first you need to stand strong it. Your children are part of your practice.

We live and we learn from the experience we have with our kids. Not trying to do it perfect but notice what happened. At night bring your awareness to it – not judge (!) – so that you can show up better the next day. Breaking karmic loops so the repetition of these patterns can stop. Until you bring your attention to it, it will repeat. This episode will leave you feeling ready to show in your own life and that of your clients!

Let me leave you with a word of wisdom from Ilia: “I’m not better every day, I practice to be better.”


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