How much of today’s conversations revolve around what’s different between us, especially for women. It has to stop because the moment women coming together big things happen. This week I want to share with you the importance of women supporting each other.


If there’s one important lessons I’ve learned over the past few years of being a mom and an online entrepreneur is that without support we’re going to collapse. I know because I did collapse, completely. I struggled by myself thinking I have to do it all alone. I thought I was strong by ‘making it all happen’. The reality; I didn’t make anything happen. The absence of support made me shrink into the smallest version of myself.

When I started to realize what I was missing I started creating a community around me. At that time I was living in Thailand and my community was almost 100% online. I’ve met so many amazing women but we all know that sometimes you just need a hug.


Our move to the Netherlands was caused by many reasons but one of the biggest reasons was loneliness. I needed to be around other (entrepreneurial) women. I wanted to share my frustrations and my wins with them. Now that we’ve settled down it was time for me to go out and CONNECT!


Women supporting each other

The moment I’m surrounded by other passionated women I can feel my energy shift into something bigger than myself. I feel the collective energy rising. This is not something woo woo or out there. This is what happens when we move our attention from me to we. We show up with authenticity and vulnerability so we can connect on a deeper level.

Let’s stop pretending we “have it all together” and instead actually come together to lift each other up. Women supporting women because together we can make a difference.

The time has come to put an end to taking pride in doing everything by ourselves. We can’t and we shouldn’t. The patriarchy benefits from us women on our own little island, being jealous and fearful. But enough is enough, we women are wired for connection and the time has come to rise up again, together!


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