What does speaking your truth mean to you? In this episode Marieke Schwartz joins me and explains what it means to free your voice, what is holding you back and how to heal the voice wound. We addressed topics like social injustice and what we can do, in our own home and on a bigger scale.


When you’re on a spiritual journey you often hear that listening to your inner voice is important. But how do we do that and more importantly, how do we vocalize that inner voice so we can explain to the people around us what we’re experiencing.


Free Your Voice

As a former classic vocal performer Marieke knows what it’s like to use your voice for good. In her practice she guides others to find their voice. She uses vocal exercises to help free up energy and clear energy. These exercises aren’t just for people who want to sing but are very suitable for anyone who’s unsure about the capability of their own voice.

We’ve all experienced insecurities about using our voice. The power of Marieke’s work is in using the whole body. Using your voice doesn’t start in your throat, it starts at the pelvic floor.


Using your voice for good

Speaking your truth doesn’t stop at your own front door. I mentioned to Marieke how I struggle with stepping up to social injustice and how I can break through the fear so I can uplift others. We need to start with dismantling our own conditioning and limiting beliefs first before we can do the external work.

When we’ve dismantled as much of the conditioning, we have to be ready for the next step; we have to be ready to fail. We have to be willing to put ourselves out there. To grow more resilient. Social injustice, racism and the toxic patriarchal system are uncomfortable. It’s not about staying comfortable, it’s about doing the work, to show up so together we can change it around.

Part of our work is recognizing that we are different and we didn’t have the same upbringing. Learning how to listen to people’s experiences. Celebrating the differences and seeing the beauty in each culture or group.


How to start

Marieke identified four different elements when it comes to freeing your voice.

  1. Ground your voice
  2. Discover your voice
  3. Free your voice
  4. Balance your voice

Speaking up about social injustice it’s not about calling people out, it’s about calling people in. By doing the inner work we start to see that emotions pass through us, they don’t become us.

We also talked about her journey in homeschooling and running her own business. How homeschooling allows her the freedom to run her business her way and at the same time it gives her daughter the freedom to learn in her own way.

Marieke also brought up an interesting point that kids who are homeschooled tend to have the ability to communicate with people from all age ranges more easily because they’re exposed to a wider range of ages from a young age. Instead of only being around their own age, they grow up in a community of like-minded people and kids from all ages.

I found Marieke’s look on life very refreshing and interesting. She’s done an amazing job and creating a life and business from her passion. She not afraid to challenge the status quo and push a few buttons left and right. When it comes to social injustice, Marieke knows how to speak her truth. A truly inspiring woman!



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