Sometimes you talk to someone and you instantly feel their upbeat and radiant energy. Marcela Macias is such a person and hearing her passionately share her entrepreneurial journey will inspire you to start showing up as your unique self. This is how she creates her alchemical photography and brings entrepreneurs to a new level in their life and business.

Marcela Macias is an Argentinian born, Cypress based photographer and stylist with experience photographing lifestyle, portraits, food and products for books, ads and web for entrepreneurs worldwide. I had the pleasure to talk to her on this week’s podcast episode. She speaks with so much passion about her work and how she incorporates her own spiritual practices into her work. Her unique approach on portraying entrepreneur’s essence is truly an act of alchemical photography.


Adapt your workflow to the development stage of your kids

Marcela talks about how she figures out motherhood as she goes. She adapted the type of work to the development stage of her children. When her children were small, she worked mostly from home as a food photographer and creating stock photos for other entrepreneurs. This way she could be with them and work at the same time.

This creates more ease and grace around what you can do, in your business and in your life. Instead of pushing for high and big goals that our out of alignment with where your energy is. Your kids create focus. You can’t afford to waste time because it’ll take the time and energy away from your kids.

Being a mom while running a business is a superpower. You have the ability to adapt faster because your kids demand to do so.


Traveling for work when you have kids.

Marcela really blew my mind on this one. It took awhile for me to be ready to leave the kids for a few days but when I did I felt empowered. To get there it took some preparation. Marcela mentioned that we need to dear to ask the question, to ourselves and our partners.

Most importantly, how we ask the question. Would you be willing and what do you need in order to make it happen? Does your partner need a cleaner, a nanny or anything else. And the best part of her advice; add those extra costs into your prices. This doesn’t sound that revolutionary but honestly it didn’t occur to me until she mentioned it.

The kids will miss mommy but at the same time you’re teaching them a valuable lesson of partnership, equal responsibilities and opportunities for men and women.

Just because we chose one thing doesn’t mean we can’t change your mind. Let’s tell yourself and the future generation that it’s okay to change their mind!


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Alchemical Photography

You’ve probably heard this before, you need to niche down. Marcela explains how the next step in her business was initiated by being true to herself and showing all sides of who she is. She didn’t have to search for a niche, she is her niche.

As soon as she started to share her practices, she started to attract clients even more aligned with her own values. She never pushes her own practices on her clients but it’s who she is, so she’s not going to hide it. Honestly, who has time to put up a different face when you’re a mom and entrepreneur!

Once you have clients aligned with the real you, you’ll be able to grow your business. From a practical point and from an energetic point. There’s nothing more important than being YOU.




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