The flow of life consists of bursts of energy and at the same time moments of rest. Mercury Retrograde is one of those moments of rest. Over the years Mercury has got a bad reputation for disrupting the ‘order’ but this is exactly where its power lays. Instead of ignoring all the signals and pushing through, this 2,5 week period is perfect for slowing down and turning inwards. You can use Mercury Retrograde in your advantage!


Even when you don’t know (much about) astrology there’s a big chance you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde. You see the memes on social media, “I wasn’t me, it was Mercury Retrograde!”. Yes, Mercury is known for stirring things up but that’s for a good reason.

In today’s world everything needs to be faster, higher and bigger, pauzing isn’t an option. So when Mercury goes into retrograde, nobody’s got time for that! Well, I challenge you to be bold and take that pause.


Use Mercury retrograde in your advantage.

I like to look at these retrogrades as evaluation points throughout the year. The beauty is that it happens three to four times a year so it’s perfect to stop and see where you’re at.

Retrogrades are a beautiful metaphor with what happens in your life. During a retrograde a planet appears to be moving backwards from our standpoint on earth. This is because the earth moves in a different speed around the sun than other planets do – much like when the car next to you move with a different speed, making your car appear to be moving backwards.

In your own life, when you keep moving at a high speed it might feel you’re moving backwards. The only thing to do is to slow down before you burnout. When you’re caught up with your inner speed again, you can start to move forward.

You need to stop to connect to your highest truth. When you keep running you don’t have time to know what your highest truth is. You’ll be stuck in doing opposed to being. Reconnect with your values and establish what’s really important to you and what is not.


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Turning darkness into light

You need to make space to clear out the clutter so you can invite new things in. You need rest so that you recharge yourself for the amazing things ahead. During that process, feel all the emotions, feel the frustration, it’s part of it. Don’t push away what comes up, but give it the space it needs to be transformed.

From now on, don’t fear Mercury retrograde anymore. Use this time to review, re-evaluate, reset, recharge and reconnect. You’ll have 2,5 week to recenter yourself and realign yourself with your inner voice. And with the New Moon in Pisces on the 6th, this is the time to get your intentions in alignment.⁣


Are you relieved about Mercury Retrograde now you know this? Let us know in the comments!

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