We can be so busy with the life we want to create that we’re forgetting to enjoy the one we already have. Mary Allison Brown joins me in a conversation about finding joy in everyday life and cultivating gratitude not just for ourselves but to set an example for our children.

The most important reason for Mary Allison to start her own business was about doing more of what she loves. She had and still has big ambitions and lots of drive to always figured out how to make it work. That’s how she makes running two businesses and a family work. It come back to valuing family time. There’s no magic formula when it comes to prioritizing family time, you just have to do it. She has clear boundaries around work and family because she knows her why. Don’t be scared to go the unconventional way!

Mary Allison also explains that it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. The reason for starting a business for her was to be more present, so why sacrifies precious time with the kids for working on your business? Work was draining and deplete her, just like it did in her job. It take some waking up to realize she was repeating the same pattern. Until we’re conscious of it we’re continuing the same cycle.



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Finding joy in everyday life?

It’s a daily practice. It comes back to opening your eyes to what you already have. Mary Allison has a beautiful way of cultivate gratitude with her kids – the magic moment jar. No rules, just an open way of inviting everybody to share and write down their magical moment of the day. On new years day they read all the notes. This create this powerful rituals for your kids.


Gratitude Journal

Mary Allison wrote a beautiful gratitude journal. She wrote entire journal in one week. Her drive: to have more joy and fulfilment starts with where we are.
After writing it she shelved it because she didn’t know how to publish it. The following year she made a commitment that she wasn’t going to do anything new before this journal was published. This year the journal is celebrating its first birthday.

She uses her own journaling practice to look at her own actions and how they are either moving towards that future vision or further away. Gratitude starts in the present moment and at the same time having a future vision.

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