In business you’re always looking for ways to streamline and optimize your workflow so you spend less time and get more done. Let me introduce you to: batching. I can’t tell you enough how much of a time and energy saver this is. The best part is that you can schedule your batching sessions according to your energy levels. Let’s get ready to achieve more in less time!


It’s time to stop wasting time and achieve more in less time. This isn’t a complicated ‘trick’, it’s simply batching tasks in the weeks that match your energy levels. We all know how it feels when you’re trying to write that blog but nothing comes out. Even when you’re aware when you’re most productive it’s not always easy to schedule that time to create.


Achieve more in less time

That’s where batching comes in. When you sit down to schedule your week, month or quarter ahead, look at your own cycle. Tap into the energies so that you’re creating content when you’re the most inspired. When you then start batching brainstorm sessions, blog writing sessions or podcast recording sessions, you spend less time preparing and getting yourself ready and more time creating awesome content that your audience loves!

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I even take batching into my personal life. I don’t touch the laundry during the week – unless there’s a real emergency 😉 I only wash during the weekend when I’m not working. I made it into a family event where I have my kids help me as much as they can. It’s a win win situation because I make doing the laundry more fun, I teach them responsibility and I get to hang out with my little ones!


Do you batch in your business or in your life? Do you have any tips or tricks for us? Share them in the comments!


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