Every mother goes through their own unique journey and in the end we all want what’s best for our kids. How do we stay in a state of receptivity and openness with our own (spiritual) journey and respect the unique path of our kids? Sarah Byrne joins me in the conversation about being a mom, entrepreneur, a conscious human being while raising critical thinkers. Get ready to hear the raw truth about motherhood and having faith in the path life takes you.




Not everyday you hear a mother share her honest and raw truth about what it’s like becoming a mother. Sarah opens up and gives us a peek into her life and business.

Sarah supports mamas who are struggling with stress and anxiety. They are tired and shouty and reaching for the bottle to forget and feel some form of release. They have forgotten that they matter, that if they are unhappy, chances are the whole family is. She empowers mamas to find vibrancy in their lifestyles again after children. She empowers them through self-care rituals, mindfulness and yoga, and essential oils. She makes them realise that they, too, matter.


Raising Critical Thinkers

Her personal journey took her from the US to Japan, Africa and finally to the UK. She knows like no other what it’s like to reinvent yourself. Leaving behind everything that’s familiar to build a new foundation. We share the experience of traveling and settling down in a new country. It changes your perspective on life and how you thought you were.

This episode is filled with life lessons and revelations. As we go through these transformations we are raising our kids to be critical thinkers too. By teaching them the power of flexibility and flow.

How do you inspire your children to develop a critical mind? Let us know in the comments!

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