There’s a big emphasis on doing the ‘right thing’ during pregnancy and postpartum. Articles and books tell you what you should be doing but that’s not always what your body tell you. Kristy Rodriguez joins me this episode to explore how you can nurture your body, mind and soul in a holistic way that serves you!


Nurture your body, mind and soul

Self-care is a hot topic and it should be! As moms, the better we take care of ourselves the better we can care for others. During your pregnancy you can start to practice exploring your boundaries and values so once the baby arrives you’re able to ask for what you need and want. Kristy wrote a beautiful book – Pure Nurture – where she walks you through simple yet powerful practices to connect you with your true needs.

In this episode we both share our personal experiences with postpartum depression and how we healed. If you want to learn how to nurture your body, mind and soul in a gentle and holistic way, tune into this episode!


  • Kristy’s book Pure Nurture; self-care is baby care [3:50]
  • How she was able to answer the question whether or not she wanted to become a mother [5:15]
  • Being diagnosed with postpartum depression 9 months postpartum [7:02]
  • Doing everything right, while ignoring the signals from your body doesn’t serve you or the baby [10:28]
  • As moms we’ll always be learning, talking about in hindsight is always easy [12:01]
  • Breaking through the fear based notion of pregnancy, birth and postpartum – what motivated her to write her book [15:19]
  • Her book is to offer support and suggestions based on love for yourself [19:36]
  • Do this chocolate meditation, it’s amazing! [20:15]
  • Mindful eating exercises [24:52]
  • How to use the metaphor of a scale to teach kids about healthy eating habits [31:02]
  • Nourishment vs. nutrition in food by looking at the nutrient density [34:10]
  • Learning how to ask for what you want [38:05]
  • Be your own advocate to have the pregnancy, birth and postpartum care that aligns with your values [42:25]

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Kristy Rodriguez – Pure Nurture, A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Baby
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