Pain can’t be avoided as spiritual being having a human experience. It’s an integrative part of our lives and shouldn’t even want to be avoiding it. When you’re in the middle of a painful situation it’s hard to imagine there’s a lesson within the pain. Every situation has the potential to transform your pain into fuel. 


Transform your Pain

I love repeating the quote from my yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya; “Yoga doesn’t make your life better. It makes you better at life.” It’s the essence of our spiritual journeys, by not avoiding the challenges but learn how to dance with the challenges. Life is full of surprises – as it should be – that makes life interesting! Reading books, meditating, practicing yoga will all help to bring out your high side but won’t stop the pain from entering your life. It’s up to you to take action and take responsibility how you’re going to use the energy that you’re given.

As a business owner you have an added set of fears, worries and pain to deal with. Again, I’m not going to hand you the magic pill that takes away all the hardship. I show you a way to transform your pain into fuel. It’s all energy and once you know how to turn the low energy up to the high side you can ride the waves with more ease.


  • How pain relates to our fight or flight response [2:55]
  • Understanding the deeper layers of your pain [5:01]
  • Finding the root cause of the triggers [8:27]
  • Transform the pain into fuel, without skipping the transformation step [11:45]
  • Use the energy to take action [13:42]
  • The four elements can guide you in turning the energy upwards [14:18]
  • There’s always a way out, it might not be your favorite road, but there are alternatives [18:08]



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