The wellness and spiritual world are booming. More books than ever are being sold on self-development and self-actualization. There’s a non-stop stream of information coming your way through various media platforms. This can lead to spiritual overwhelm; a big influx of information without being able to prioritize which teachings are aligned with you.


spiritual overwhelm


Part of the spiritual journey is to be acceptant of the moments of chaos and distress. Feeling uncomfortable is part of the process. In that it’s important to start being able to differentiate between the resistance of change and teachings that aren’t in alignment with you. You don’t want to push through and finish a book when the message doesn’t fully resonate. On the other hand, you don’t want to quit before you reach the gold. Does that sound complicated! Tune into this episode and hear how Sam Goldsmith breaks down spiritual overwhelm and how to navigate the spiritual world in alignment with your true self.


  • Sam’s intense journey into motherhood [4:48]
  • A period of spiritual growth and awakening is often paired with periods of chaos [9:46]
  • How to tune in what’s real for us and tune out when it isn’t [11:02]
  •  The paradox of spiritual living; seeking versus rejecting [11:32]
  • Beating the spiritual overwhelm by taking the way of least resistance [14:09]
  • Become friends with your inner guidance system [17:44]
  • Growth can feel highly uncomfortable [20:32]
  • Quick ways to implement your spiritual practice in your daily life [24:12]
  • When you are committed to your spiritual journey but people around you don’t support you [29:18]
  • Your journey can reveal dysfunctionality of a relationship [32:12]
  • Our relationships are our mirrors [35:45]
  • We need to do our work within the relationships [38:06]
  • Sam’s piece of advice to new moms [39:02]




4 Important Life Lessons I Learned as a Mom

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