When two astrologers get together you get a lot of astrology talk but also a glimpse into how we experience motherhood through the lens of astrology. We discussed the application of astrology in our daily lives and how non-astrologers can also use this information to guide themselves and their children.

application of astrology


Our children can be a great mystery to us. Once we think we understand them they go into a different direction. That makes motherhood all the more fun and challenging at the same time. I have found that astrology is an amazing tool to discover the deeper layers of yourself and your children. Melanie Gurley from Beautiful Astrology joins me in this episode. I promise you it’s still interesting if you know nothing about astrology. I would even say, if you know nothing about astrology, you have to tune in!

We each explain the application of astrology in our own lives and in the way we parent our children. We’ll give you pointers to places where you can help your children to truly express their authentic self! And that’s what every parent wants in the end, for their children to be able to step into their fullest potential by being themselves!

  • The start of Melanie’s astrology journey [3:08]
  • How she developed AstroBodies and what it can reveal [5:12]
  • The way the AstroBodies work with mothers and children [6:55]
  • How to use astrology in your daily life with kids [8:45]
  • The wisdom we find in watching our children communicate with us [11:28]
  • Relation between AstroBodies and the chakras [14:05]
  • Using the four elements from your chart in your daily life [14:20]
  • Why knowing your child’s Mercury adds to understanding them better [18:43]
  • What looking at the 3rd and 9th house can reveal about [20:56]



Episode 19: Astrology as a Parenting Tool

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