In this episode we’re going to shine some light on the often overlooked but potentially deadly HELLP Syndrome. I’m joined by the inspirational and brave Debby Ixchel who shares her story about her experience with having HELLP Syndrome and not being taken serious. It didn’t get her down, she fought her way back and turned her struggle into her power. She’s a powerful single mom who choose to turn her life around, take back the power and now runs a successful online business, empowering women all over the world.


HELLP Syndrome


Even though her mom was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome while pregnant of her, when Debby showed some very minor symptomes, she wasn’t taken that serious. Luckily she followed her intuition, pushed her midwife to sent her to the hospital where she was induced at just 34 weeks. It was a close call for both her and her daughter.

Her fighter mentality helped her to get through the first year of recovery. She mentioned that at one moment she decided to stop being a victim and turn it into victories. Seeing how lucky she’s been and the light she sees in her daughter made her realize how much she wanted to inspire others to lead the life the want. Tune into this episode and get inspired by her amazing story!

  • How Debby’s journey into motherhood started [2:52]
  • Relationship lessons she learned early on [8:24]
  • Being pregnant turned her whole world upside down [9:48]
  • She suspected HELLP syndrome at 7 months pregnant [10:12]
  • Her healthcare professionals couldn’t spot any obvious symptoms [12:08]
  • Following her intuition saved her and her baby’s life [14:20]
  • She was induced at 34 weeks pregnant [15:24]
  • Things could have ended very differently for both of them [19:16]
  • Being pregnant connected her with her primal power [21:30]
  • Her biggest struggle in healing herself from HELLP Syndrome started when she entered the workfield again [27:44]
  • How her near death experience gave her the power to grow [29:04]
  • The powerful message she want to give to her daughter; “my everything is possible so her everything is possible” [30:38]
  • Our shadows can be our biggest teachers [32:58]
  • High sensitivity is her strength, not her weakness [35:44]
  • Her business focuses on entrepreneurial women who want the freedom to travel [38:26]
  • Why I started business coaching to help even more mothers reconnect with their joys [38:45]
  • You deserve self-care simply because you deserve it [41:40]
  • Her most important advice to new moms [42:30]
  • Put any resistance or fear on a chair and talk to it [44:20]



Debby Ixchel’s links:
Facebook Page: Luna Circle by Debby Ixchel 
Private Facebook Group;  Soulful Bohemian Authentic Innerpreneurs by Luna Circle

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