In today’s society there’s so much pressure on getting everything right. You need to have a good job and spend enough time with your children. You need a clean house and an active social life. No wonder why so many mothers feel the stress of perfection in motherhood. In this episode we’re going to explore the root of this perfectionism and how to release it to live a happier and harmonious life. 

Perfection in Motherhood


We feel pressure from society, we feel pressure from friends but even the strongest and toughest pressure is the one from within. We put the bar high for ourselves to keep up with everything and everyone.

When we try to do it all, we do nothing. Let’s face it, multitasking doesn’t work. Taking the time to focus on one thing will help you to get things done faster and more efficient. By doing this you are able to release this need for perfection in motherhood because perfection doesn’t exist. I’m a strong believer of a realistic view, rather than ‘picture perfect’. In this episode I’ll explain my methods in letting go of this constant pressure I felt. And it all started with myself!


  • Why I felt imperfect compared to others [1.25]
  • It’s important to look at your own expectations first [3.05]
  • My biggest pitfall was not understanding my needs [5.03]
  • The first step in healing my perfectionism [6:25]
  • The second step, harmony over perfection [8:15]
  • The third step, presence [10:48]
  • The fourth step, having a realistic view [12:50]
  • The last and most important step is often overlooked [15:02]
  • Why it’s crucial to know what you’re true desire looks like [16:55]
  • My last thoughts on this strive for perfection in motherhood



Podcast: Episode 2: My Personal Postpartum Journey
Blog post: 5 Steps in letting go of Perfectionism in Motherhood




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