Have you ever felt like all eyes were on you and you just can’t get the words out? Well that how I felt when I recorded this episode. I’ve written a blog post about my personal postpartum journey but that was safe and I could hide behind the words. In this episode you share the raw and vulnerable side of my postpartum depression.


After I finished recording I needed a moment to pull myself together. Why? Am I really going to publish this and spend out into the world? Speaking the words out loud, hearing myself talking about the darkest period of my life is very confrontating. Then again, my healing really started the moment I openly spoke about my postpartum depression so this only felt fitting to share my spoken word.

The number of mothers suffering from postpartum depression only grows. If new moms don’t have the support system to fall back on, they can get stuck in an endless stream of self-doubt and worries. I know because I was one of them!

This doesn’t just apply to new moms. I suffered from postpartum depression after my second was born and I was in BIG denial! I thought I knew everything there was to know about babies, but boy, was I wrong! I was so isolated that I started to drift further and further into my own world. It took me months to admit it to myself and then another few months to heal and recover from it.


My Personal Postpartum Journey

Talking about it was very healing and I continue to do so. Even when I mentioned the emotions and feelings that came up during that period I feel tears coming up again. And I know many more mothers are struggling after giving birth. Not necessarily a postpartum depression but many mother feel overwhelmed and lost.

I hope you’ll find inspiration in my postpartum journey because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believe in yourself and find support Goddess Mamas! Listen to this episode below.




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