Doing business from a feminine perspective is a very different approach to work. Annemiek van Helsdingen shares her light on what that means and how to be comfortable with the unknown. We don’t always have to have all the answers, we can live our way through the questions. How do you do that? Listen to this episode on how to do that.

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the founder of the academy for soul-based coaching. In the academy, she and her team train coaches worldwide to help their clients to make powerful transformation based on their soul knowing.



  • How does she do it? How does she create the harmony between being a mom, having a successful business and how do you do it all? [2:37]
  • Harmony is a living and breathing thing [2:43]
  • She didn’t come from an entrepreneurial nest [5:02]
  • Be ready to be comfortable with the unknown so you can live through the question [7:40]
  • Knowing what you want and this is what you are passionate about, will help you to move through the obstacles [10:14]
  • A big invitation to stay close to herself was a gift in disguise [12:08]
  • Helping people to get in connection and speak the language of their own soul [13:34]
  • When you get to that level life itself knows how to create change [14:10]
  • She started doing the first group training in 2016 and now coaches and trainees in over 17 countries [14:29]
  • Being only a facilitator for what is already in you [14:47]
  • Her vision of where she would like to see the academy go [17:07]


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More on surrendering: Episode 42: The Journey of Surrender




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