Aries New Moon 2019
Apr 5 – 4:50 am EDT – 10:50 CET


Time for action! Aries new Moon is leading the way to get up and go. After the spring equinox this is the second push to feel a breath of fresh air coming in. Now is the time to collect all the thoughts and ideas you gathered over the last few months and putting them into action, NOW!


If you’ve been waiting to start something new, let this be the sign you needed to get going. Aries – as the first sign of the zodiac – governs our start up energy. Nothing says new beginnings like Aries so whatever you’ve been procrastinating; shake it off and get going!


Aries New Moon

With the Sun and Moon in a fire sign it’s time to light your inner fire. The Aries new Moon rules our individuality and independence, now is the time to step up and stop making excuses for not starting. Get everything in place to make it work. Set time apart to focus on what lights you up.

Waiting for the perfect moment when everything lines up can feel like waiting for an unicorn to show up. We all love unicorns (who else has a little girl in the house 😉) but they’re kinda rare so sometimes you need to create the moment yourself. The new Moon gives you the extra umph you need to move forward.

Since Mercury is stationed direct again we bring closure to a period of evaluation and reflection. It isn’t until Mercury leaves it shadow on the 6th that we completely move out of evaluation mode and into a fast forward motion.

This New Moon is accompanied by Chiron in Aries, urging us to find healing when we let go of everything that dims our fire. For new projects, ideas or opportunities to take off, the old needs to be cleared out. Imagine the fire cleaning out all the stagnant energy and only leaving fertile ground.




Lunar Influence Aries New Moon

Get ready to be fire up about the inspiring action taking energy of the universe – and your kids.

I bet we all have days where wonder how our little humans can have so much energy. This new Moon has a similar type of energy but the good thing is, we feel it too! Children never like to be cooped up for too long and this week is the perfect invitation to go out.

Start a new active hobby with your kids. The weather is warming up in the northern hemisphere so now is the moment to go out and release all the old and still energy. My daughter started swimming lessons this week and she over the moon about it. The physical activity lights her up. And since she is an Aries this is right up her alley.

Make sure that you’ve scheduled enough time for their own opinion and wishes to be heard. Just as we moms feel the urge to create and start up, so do you kids. Give them the freedom to do so. Allow them to come up with their own ideas, even if that goes against your own ideas. Now that you know be prepared to take action this week, by yourself and with your kids!


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