Aquarius New Moon 2019
Feb 4  – 22.04 CET –  4:04 pm EST

Aquarius is the quirky one of the bunch, in a good way. There always needs to be someone to come with a new and unique mindset. This new Moon opens the doors for planting new seeds and getting your manifesting ducks in a row.


We all have each sign represented in our chart, also the rebellious and innovative side. When we’re layered in conditioning and follow the path of the people around us, we’re pushing away our own desires. Let this new Moon be an invitation to check in with your unique self. When are you sacrificing your own ways and following the crowd?


Aquarius Moon, Sun and Mercury

Mercury joins the party, sitting right next to the Sun and Moon, emphasising the need to show your unique side and connect to (new) friends. This is the perfect time to join networking events and make new connections. Mercury gives you the push to speak your mind.

With Pluto, Saturn (Aquarius ancient ruler) and Venus in Capricorn there’s a nice dose of earth energy. So when you feel overwhelmed by all the dust that Aquarius is ruffling up remember to go out and spend time with mother earth. Days are slowly getting longer here in the northern hemisphere and we’re welcoming more light into our days. Let Aquarius bring you a breath of fresh air!



Lunar Magic Ritual – Aquarius New Moon 2019

Aquarius inspires us to connect, with ourselves and with others. It’s time to face what we’ve being hiding from and take actionable steps to create this change. And be creative because Aquarius is everything but conventional.

When Aquarius is expressed in the high side it’s inventive and humanitarian. Ignoring this energy and hiding away from your own shadows spirals down in disconnect from yourself and others.

This New Moon invites you to make peace with your own shadows, so that you can embrace every side of yourself. It’s an opportunity to see how you showed up to yourself so that you can show up for others. We always need to do our own inner work first.

Clean yourself and your space with sage, palo santo or sweet grass. Diffuse patchouli or sandalwood essential oil to set the energy to releasing and receiving. Put your hands together at your heart center and close your eyes. See the following invocation out loud:

Uranus and Mercury, assist me in connecting to my own truth and innovative powers.

Let your mind go back to last year and what you’ve accomplished and what was left unfinished. Trust your inner voice and the messages you’re receiving. The portal to your solutions has opened.

Sit in quiet contemplation for a moment. Feel and see the messages you received and slowly open the eyes. Close the ritual by snuffing the candle.

After the ritual take a moment to write down what was revealed to you and act upon that inspiration to launch a new project or to revamp a current one!



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In the comments below share with us what unique ideas you’re going to put out into the world. And remember, every idea is unique!! I’d love to hear from you!


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