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Stop the glorification of busy-ness!

Think back of the reason why you started your own business. Was it freedom? The desire to be more creative or was it because I wanted to work on your own terms, doing what you love? How do you feel about it now?

As entrepreneurs we feel the need to be on all the time. Producing, hustling and putting your nose to the grindstone is the only way to success. Having your own business equals working long hours because you have to do it all by yourself.

Here’s where I want to challenge you to reframe that mindset. What if you don’t have to hustle and can tap into your inner wisdom and create a flow for you?

Hi, I’m Patricia Panasri

I’m here to show you how to get out of a rut and find joy again because motherhood and business aren’t mutually exclusive!

I show you how to understand these cycles and how to incorporate simple practices into your life. The good news is that you don’t have to work that hard to get the results you want.

Presence of Perfection

You possess superpowers to prioritize and comprehend situations if only you allow yourself to let go of the notion of busy-ness. Becoming a mom only enhanced these powers. You need to step away from trying to achieve perfection. Your business and your family needs your presence, not a perfect version of.

After the session I did with Patricia I am more confident to listen to my intuition and I am more in flow. Normally I am such a go-getter that resting or taking my time aren’t in my vocabulary. I felt I need to take some time off to get quiet and heal for a long time, but my head was telling me otherwise. During the session so many puzzle pieces fell into place and best of all I am allowing myself to take my time and trust my gut. I am definitely come back for another session this year.

Wendy van Hardeveld

Wendy van Hardeveld - Brand You

Energy Management = Increase of Productivity

The way society is set up is in a linear way, you make to-do list and tick them off as you go. We all know life can happen and that to-do list grows instead of getting shorter. Why? Because looking at time in a linear way is very constricting. Instead of focussing on the amount of hours you have in front of you, I teach you how to use the energy you already have to guide you to become more productive.

I was able to cut my hours in half and still be just as productive but this time more focus and in flow with how I want to feel instead of letting the energies overwhelm me. You can do that too!

I started my coaching not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world.

Soraya D.

Maternal Conscious Collective

Cycles and Surrender

You can’t be on all the time and you shouldn’t want to be. Nature is designed to rest and pause. Look at nature; a flower doesn’t bloom all year long, so why should you? Mother nature has periods of rest build in but that doesn’t mean nothing happens! These periods are for evaluation, resetting and cleansing and it’s just as important as periods of high productivity.

You have these cycles within you and it’s only a matter of getting reacquainted with this inner knowing. You know how you want to feel and it’s up to you to make that decision to make that happen!

So who am I?

I’m a business owner and I’m a mom of two radiant souls. I’ve learned to embrace all facets of life and work with what I already have. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be sucked into a negative spiral. I had postpartum depression after my son was born and it was a long and intense healing journey.

I realized my body, mind and soul where screaming so loud at me to slow down that I had to do exactly that. Surrender to what was going on and turn inwards to heal. I was too proud and too ashamed to ask for help. Society isn’t set up in a way to support each other and that’s why it’s up to us to flip it around and teach ourselves that we DO need support, lots of it!

It takes a village to raise a child and run a business. You can’t and you don’t have to do it alone! After living in Thailand for 7 years I understand what support truly means and now I invite all the support I can get with open arms.

I want you to give yourself permission to do the same. Surrender to what you’re experiencing and let your energy lead you. You have the wisdom within, you only need to slow down to hear it.

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