Life is full of lessons and becoming a mother has only increased those lessons. It also made me realize what is important in this life. Our children hold up a mirror, reflecting back exactly the energy we’re giving off. Their ways of showing our triggers encourages us to grow alongside them. Life is a journey and the more open we are to see our challenges, the more important life lessons we learn!

important life lessons

1. Prioritize

You probably heard this word many times before and you might even get tired of hearing it, but I’m going to say it again! PRIORITIZE!

How often do you say, “I don’t have time for that”. And how often is that really true?

Shift your mindset to; “It’s not a priority”, because if it really is, you can make time for it! No time for self-care or you haven’t prioritized it. For the longest time I didn’t read books because I had a newborn and a toddler. Two years went by without touching a single book. When my son turned 2 I realized how bizarre that statement was. I don’t have time, really? I do have time for mindless scrolling through social media. I do have time to watch Netflix. All I needed to do was to schedule, at least once a week, to read a book.

Are you struggling with prioritizing self-care? You’ll enjoy this podcast episode with Naomi Gottlieb Miller about self-care.

Is it as simple as prioritizing? You bet it is, but you have to make the commitment to yourself. You have to put your well being first. You have to dare to step up, let other things go and prioritize what matters most to you. This is one of the fundamental important life lessons because if we moms start to prioritize self-care it’ll be easier to start prioritizing other things in our life. When you as a mom are nourished and nurtured you’ll be able to show up even more for the people around you without it draining you.



2. Simplify

The pure joy of simplicity. The other day my daughter was so intensely happy, she almost cried. Why? Because we bought her new bed sheets. Yes, that’s right, new bed sheets with butterflies and hearts. She was over the moon about it. In return it brought tears into my eye to see her this happy with such a simple ‘gift’. Just telling her that we had a surprise for her made her super excited. The actual ‘gift’ is irrelevant to her, the action and attention is what matters.

We are confronted with important life lessons all the time, but we need to give some space for those lessons to arise. Like our children not needing complicated things or a lot of stuff, they need you and your presence. I don’t call myself a minimalist but I do like to keep our belongings as simple and practical as possible. The less stuff you own, the less you need to clean up! If you haven’t checked out Allie Casazza’s work about minimalist motherhood¬†go there now and learn how you can create motherhood based on experiences and not on material belongings. I love her work.

We try to be as mindful as possible when we buy things and we often has cleaning days where we give a lot of clothes and clothes away. It teaches our kids not to get too attached to material stuff and it’ll encourage their generosity. The biggest win for us mamas? Less clutter!!


3. Connect

Living in the countryside of Thailand has made me realize how much we need human connection. After my second was born I felt so extremely lonely. I missed my tribe and I missed being around other mothers who understood me. The internet is great but I was missing the real connection. With a deep postpartum depression as a result.

How often do you pick up your phone and text your girlfriends? It’s easy and it’s fast but is it just as satisfying as picking up the phone to hear her laugh? Research has shown that we completely lost valuable connections when we solely rely on social media for our social interactions. Loneliness is an epidemic among all age groups.

Now that I’m a mom I crave to connect with other moms. I want to talk to them, hear their journeys into motherhood and share our struggles. We live in a society where everything has to happen fast but that’s not how we’re wired. We need to connect in order to thrive. If there’s one important life lessons my postpartum depression has taught me, it’s how our connections keep us grounded, safe, loved and held.


4. Freedom

We all like to have lots of freedom but what are you really doing to reach that level of freedom?

The key to success is to take your freedom serious. If your dream is to travel the world with your kids, you have to take some action. You can’t carry on with your life and expect one day you’ll wake up and be able to make your dream come through. Freedom doesn’t always come for free. What I mean by that is it takes work, effort and action to reach that level of freedom.

The most powerful moment when important life lessons hit me is when I see my kids play. It gives the greatest joy. They don’t have a care in the world. Everything is interesting and sparks their imagination. They don’t just experience freedom, they live freedom! They are the ultimate representation of freedom when they’re in their own world. It reminded me of all the times I was limited in my freedom because it was ‘too dangerous’ or ‘not for girls’. I want to give them the freedom to development themselves. I wish for them to fully understand that everything is possible, no matter what other people tell you.

It inspires me to give be the example of freedom. To show that the world is your playground, explore, discover and uncover it. What an amazing blessing that is to our children, the blessing of freedom. Knowing that at the same time, freedom isn’t accessible for everybody. But we have to start within our own homes.


What has been your most important life lessons?




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